Who Should Be the 2012 MCBA Winner?


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Before the results are announced, please let me know which book should be the 2012 MCBA winner. And don’t forget to tell me why!

Check out this fantastic web site that tells you all about the nominees!

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I think that “Where The Mountain Meets The Moon” should be the MCBA winner because I think that it has a really good adventure to it, and I really enjoyed reading it. I cant wait to see who won!

Great comment! You followed the guidelines of an appropriate comment, and it didn’t have anything that could make anybody feel bad. Great job!

I think that operation red wood should win because it always keeps you in suspense.

i havent read that before.

Honestly i think Cracker should win the MCBA winner.I think cracker should win because it was exiting and intresting it was actoin packed and cool. Derp ‘__’

It is exciting, but i think scat is better

Ok thats your opinion *___*

hi! I personally feel that dyeing to meet you should win because it always wants you knowing what happens next!

I loved Dying to Meet you too!

there isn’t a book better the operation red wood!!

Hi Christopher,
Tell me why you think there is no better book than Operation Redwood!
Mrs DElia

I like your picture Ms.Delia!

Me too!

I think that Scat should be the winner, because it is a great book with an adventure with another story with a secret. It has some comedy, with some action on the side. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action, comedy, and mystery. It is very good and it is amazing.

Agreed all the way! Scat is the best and it should win. I think Carl Hiason is a great author with a lot of humor. Don’t you love that author?

I think that IQ Independence Hall by Rolland Smith will win the MCBA voting. It is full of action, and has a little bit of historical fiction. It is a lot of fun to read. I think IQ will win the MCBA voting, no doubt about it.

I like Operation Redwood to. :)

I think that the MCBA winner should be “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” This book was very suspenseful and you would end up really wondering about the characters and what would happen next. I also like the questions the author asked through out the book. Both your opinion and the authors can be compared which makes the book more fun to read.

Great idea grace i like that book too. what was your favorite part of the whole book.

i have never read that one tommy is it good?

I think that the MCBA winner should be “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.” This book was very suspenseful and you end up really caring about the characters. I also like the question-it will compare opinions and let you share yours.

<><> im watching I think iq should win MCBA

is scat good

Yup! I luv how Mister Carl Hiason incorporates all the humor in this great and super duper zuper book! :)

oh cool nimra! i liked that book 2

I think the book, “The Year the Swallows Came Early Should win because it is a great book about action and friendship.

I think Ellie McDoodle Have Pen Will Travel should win MBCA because it is a funny book that tells about friendship and tells you fun games and at the end of the book it shows fun doodles.The book made me wonder what would happen next!.This book was AWESOME!!!! :) and I hope it wins!!!!

i also think that Have pen will travel should win too. This book is so good.i don’t want to give away much, but her family is annoying. Ben- Ben the monkey boy is insanely funny.

I think Lost and Found should win because it is a book full of excitement and through out the whole book you wonder will they get in trouble? This is why i think Lost and Found should win the MCBA. .

Fantabuloso comment! Nice job on describing how good the book is. I read it and that was a perfect description of the book! Fantabuloso!

IQ is da best book ever <><>

I think Scat should be the MCBA inner this year because of it’s unique plot and descriptive words. I always had a clear picture in my head and I always knew what was going on in the story. Out of the 6 MCBA books I’ve read, Scat was by far my favorite!!!

Julianna I agree with you my favorite MBCA book was Scat the only parts I didn’t like about it was the truckers but I have to say Scat was the best book I’ve ever read. I think Scat should win it was always clear to me and I always had picture of what was going on in my head.

i liked that book but i disagree with your dision

I think Prince of Fenway Park should win.

That book was good but in my opinion Zorgamazoo was my favorite

I think that Zoargamazoo should win because that it was a very exciting adventure book.

why should i read this book?

honestly, i don’t like zorgamazoo because it is to much like Dr Seuss. not that i don’t like Dr Seuss! its just too much rhyming for me

I think the book IQ was a good book I didn’t finish it but I got to 3/4 of the book and it was awesome!

i think that when you reach me should win because its adventurous and has a lot of mysteries. i think it was the best book i ever read!

I Think that Cracker the Best Dog in Vietnam should win because it is an amazing true story. I loved it so much I couldn’t put the book down. I couldn’t believe it was true when I read it, that’s how sad it is!!!!!!!!

I think scat should be the winner because it is a very interesting book because when i read it in fourth grade i was always interested in it. it was also really funny.!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that the book “The Girl Who Threw Butterflies” should win. I thought that that book was good because it is a story that could really happen in real life. It has happened to a friend of mine. This book should definitely win!

I think that when you reach me should win because it is an amazing book that is exciting and keeps you on your toes the whole time.It should definitely win. It’s one of those books that keeps you thinking the whole time then it all the answers splatter through and it keeps your mind racing discussing the answers while in absolute shock!

Is that book good and should I read it?

I think that the book SCAT should win for the MCBA. I think that SCAT should win because it has a whole lot of detail and dose’t skip around from place to place it leads you to where it’s going!

I like SCAT to.

what did you like about this book?

I dont know who should win but I’ve been wanting to read “Cracker”. I’ve read “Lost and Found” I liked it but from the things I’ve been hearing about “Cracker’ I think it should win.

I didn’t like The Year the Swallows Came Early because it didn’t interest me that much

SO what was the book all about? should i read it? is it a sports book.

What did you like about the book Minh-thi

Kyle Personally I agree w/ Tommy but scat looks cool to

i honestly think that “43 old cemetery road dying to meet you” by Katie klise should win. i think so because i love how its so easy to read and how its not really a story, its a book FILLED with letters! (of course the letters aren’t real though) i like how its about a grumpy old man who get through his writers block with he help of a ghost! i think it is an awesome book! And if you and if you haven’t read it, i guarantee you will finish it in 1 day or less! it is a book that is easy and fun to read!

i think when you reach me should win the 2012 mcaba because once you have to put it down it leaves you in suspence. Also i think kids can make connections with the main character, like when her best friend isn’t talking to her and she doesn’t know why. Also i like stories with a mystery. That is why i think when you reach me should win the 2012 mcba!

DId you like when you reach me?
DId you make any connections?

I think I.Q should win because there is a lot of action and also……..It’s the only MCBA book i read

I think that scat should win because that book was enjoyable and funny to read. i love to re-read that book over and over again that’s how good it is. Ms.Coutu read that to us in 4th grade but we didn’t finish but i went to the Burlington library and got the book to read it over again

good choice but i think that lost and found should .

I thought that The Mystery at Fenway Park should win because it is a great Mystery to unravel.

I think the book “Scat” should win the MCBA because the book had a lot of details and it was interesting! scat is funny and also mysterious because i wanted to know what would happen next. If you read this book did you enjoy it? Miss. Coutu read this book to us till the end of the year. even if it is so long you should read because you will enjoy it so much!

I want IQ to win because its a really good book.

To be honest I did not read any MCBA books but from what I heard I would have to say IQ because all of my friends said it was a good book and I trust my friends when it comes to this stuff

I really like the book The year the Swallows Came Early. It was amazing! I loved how you didn’t know what happened next. I think you should read it. Once you do you’ll see what I mean. :)

I think IQ should because the story is very interesting.

Elaine I thought it was really good too!

What was your favorite part????

Ry I said i didn’t read any books but from what you and Andrew said about IQ I would agree

Christian, which part of the book did you like the most???

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